Let us serve you regardless of who you are, where you worship or what you believe.

Here are some of our programs that you can engage that are of no cost to you.

Now Serving the Hispanic/Latino Older Woman

Please reach out for free, encouragement, counseling, growth

We specifically are reaching out to the older millennials and above as we are led to serve you. Everyone is welcome, no matter what.

30 Minute Youth Mentorship Time Block

This resource is for growing our youth in Character and purpose to be a productive member of society.

30 Minute Career Mentorship Time Block

This resource is for discussing career tracks and how to get there, stay there and grow there. In some instances, it is possible to be referred for an appointment to speak to a person already in the career track that you are looking into.

30 minute Resume help

Schedule will be a week out.

30 Minute Life Coaching Session

This resource is for centering your life around goals that you have set. It also helps you to create a goal.

30 Minute Entrepreneural Mentorship

This resource is for Business owners and Business owners to be. We answer your questions on Business related issues.

“Christian Mentoring, and prayers is free and also by appointment”

In the Contact Us page, please state the FREE TO YOU resource that you are interested in and we will reach out to schedule an appointment.

We need your

First and last name


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Resource Name

3 possible time slots spread through 3 parts of the week/day. This is for a 30 minute virtual meeting.

Sunday 2pm, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm

Sat 9am, 12.30pm

Friday 5.30pm

Thursday 5.30pm